Levitate Strategic Communications
2015 Reel
A sampling of my Cinematography and editing. 2015.
A360: Athlete Profiles
Mini docs telling the stories of Ability 360 Athletes.
I directed, shot, edited, and helped produce this branding video for Ability360 in Phoenix, AZ.
Alison for Senate
Worked as Digital Video Producer on staff for Alison Grimes' 2014 Senate Campaign in Kentucky. Produced 40+ social media videos earning 200,000+ views. Directed, shot and edited all projects.
Amp1 Basketball
AMP1 Basketball is the subject of my current Feature Documentary and one of my favorite clients to work with.
Beech Nut
I served as Director, cinematographer, and editor for this project.
Bernie Sanders
A video I produced for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign with the help of my friends at LeftTurnOnly.tv
Dirty Furry
Experimental Web Series I shot with my friends at Left Turn Only TV.
Florida Planned Parenthood PAC
Digital Political Ad
Web Videos for Florida nonprofit Political group. Aimed at keeping Florida Legislators accountable.
Freedom Innovations
Social Media Video for prosthetic company Freedom Innovations.
Independence Day
Roaming Camera-Op for live stream of Independence Day 2 announcement.
Indiana Democratic Party
With nearly 60,000 Facebook views, this digital video hits Gov. Pence when he refused to answer some simple questions during Indiana’s RFRA dispute.
John Hamilton for Mayor
Video Edited for the John Hamilton for Mayor Campaign. (He won the election)
A weekend listening trip through Ferguson.
Little 500 - 2015
Producer, Roaming Cam-op, and Lead Editor on the 2015 men's and women's Little 500 Races.
Miller James - I Will Wait For You
This was my first go one-man-banding a music video. We lost an actress to the flu and a location to inclement weather days before shooting. We worked around it and still managed to tell an excellent story and Miller James was fantastic to work with!
NCRP Series
A selection of short docs exploring the effectiveness of various charitable organizations.
One Day in April
A Feature Documentary exploring the motivations of riders of Indiana University's famed Little 500 bike race. Filmed over a three year span in Southern Indiana. I served as cinematographer, assistant director, and producer.
PBS Full Time Kid
Director of Photography for one season of Full Time Kid. Received over 2.1 MILLION views.
Pepsi Hyped for Halftime
Director of Photography for San Francisco crew. Production for Pepsi Hyped for Halftime Super Bowl ad.
Powell Systems Inc.
Meet Jim Powell and the rest of the PSI team in this brief documentary about the history of Powell Systems Incorporated.
Ransburg Scout Reservation
Promotional Video for large scout camp in Southern Indiana.
Slug it Out
A documentary I edited in college about baseball in Italy.
TEDx Occidental College
I served as roaming camera-op for the 2014 TEDx at Occidental College in Southern California.
Tree House Humane Society
A series of short documentaries for a Tree House Humane Society in Chicago.
Wedding Day
Large wedding in Pittsburgh.
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