Hello, I'm Ryan Black
Content Creator & Strategist

I work with campaigns, causes, and clients to develop strategic and engaging marketing content. Currently, I am a Content and Digital Strategist/Producer at Nichols Brand Stories, a full-service marketing and PR firm in Fort Wayne, IN. There, I manage SEO, produce videos for clients, update agency and client websites, strategize and build inbound content marketing funnels, and more.

Previously, I served as Campaign Manager for a US Congressional campaign in Arizona's 6th District, winning a competitive Primary by 5%, despite being massively outspent. There, I crafted web and print content, developed campaign strategy, and led voter contact initiatives that reached 81,000 voters directly.

In earlier positions, I've worked as a video producer, content strategist, and marketing specialist. I am as comfortable directing content and writing blogs as I am analyzing data and developing marketing funnels. I've worked with on- and off-page needs, built blogs from scratch, and am accustomed to rapid response scenarios.

Email me anytime.


Content Creation: Video production, animation, graphic design, blog writing, live streaming, HTML/CSS
Marketing: SEO, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, inbound content marketing, UTM code tracking
Software: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress, Divi, Microsoft Office
Political Organizing: NGP VAN, field management, volunteer development, data, grasstops relations


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I've been a writer my entire life. Professionally, I specialize in writing strategic SEO-focused blog content. I've written on topics like B2B marketing, public relations, healthcare, politics, and more. Below are a few examples of my blog writing.

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Public Relations Blogs

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Healthcare Blogs

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Politics Blogs

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Data and Analytics

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I first developed professional data and analytics skills in 2015 when I began writing a political commentary blog. I dove into Google Analytics and Google Search Console and am now fluent in both. I’m also experienced with Google Ads, overseeing numerous client Google Ad accounts and campaigns. I’ve run social media campaigns, paid and organic, am fluent in a/b testing, and I can quickly identify useful KPIs to determine the success of social campaigns.

In 2018, I ran a data-driven field campaign for a US Congress candidate in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District. I identified likely voter segments based on their likelihood to vote and their likelihood to lean in our campaign’s direction. I also incorporated factors like neighborhood walkability and historical voting patterns to more accurately reflect the district’s precincts. With this data, our 600+ volunteer team contacted 81,000 voters. In the end, our efforts led to an upset victory in the Primary and an unprecendented competitive showing in the General Election, swinging the district 12% points. In the upcoming 2020 elections, the district is a targeted district, a scenario seen as impossible before 2018.

Now, I work with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Search Console professionally, incorporating UTM tags to track where our site visitors originate and optimizing ad campaigns to maximize conversions and clicks. Additionally, I build and maintain Google Data Studio dashboards to visual our successes and help determine content strategy.