Ryan Black

Ryan Black


How Can Joe Biden Win Again If Most Democrats Don’t Want Him To Run Again?

Numbers don’t lie and things aren’t looking good for a potential Joe Biden 2024 campaign. by Ryan Black At the Democratic National Committee winter meeting in Philadelphia last week, Biden…

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dont run joe mobile billboard

“Help Wanted” Ad And Mobile Billboards In DC Urge Biden, “Don’t Run Joe”

The Hill newspaper today published a full-page ad in its print edition (on page 7) calling for a progressive Democrat to step forward with a primary challenge to President Biden, who has said…

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nuclear bombs falling across the globe

Nuclear Winter Is Climate Change In Fast-Forward

Climate change and nuclear weapons are inherently connected. Even a “limited” nuclear war would be catastrophic for the Earth’s climate. For example, computer models have shown what a “limited” nuclear war between India and…

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nuclear bomb

Nuclear Proliferation is Not the Answer to Russian Aggression

Continued investments into nuclear weapons make us less safe and did nothing to deter Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. The only logical path forward is diplomacy. Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine…

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no war sign protesting russian invasion of ukraine

Anger Towards Russians In US—A Reminder Of Post-9/11 Insanity

Russiaphobia is poisoning a country that has spent years saying Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate; our double standards are revealed as Russians living in the U.S. face the…

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oregon drug decriminalization

Why Biden Should Legalize Marijuana Right Now

Medical marijuana is already available in 36 states. Recreational marijuana is legal in 18, while 27 states have decriminalized its use. In states where recreational marijuana is legal, things are…

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oil pipelines and flaring in north dakota

Indigenous Line 3 Activists Link Militarism and Climate Crisis

Line 3 is a tar sands pipeline — currently under construction — violating treaty rights and threatening more than 200 bodies of water with oil spills. It would have a…

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